PhoneographyPH.com is the  go-to site for mobile photography and videography in the Philippines – from phones and accessories, to photo and video apps for editing, filters and effects, including tutorials and trends on styles and techniques.

iPhoneography popularized a new form of photography, it’s easy and instant, with so many apps available for capturing and applying creative edits to photos, but strictly iPhone (or iOS device) only. It however has evolved to include all mobile devices (Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, etc.) and mobile platforms (Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, etc.) Phoneography is now known as the creative transformation of mobile photography and videography into digital art and visual storytelling.

Join us as we talk about phoneography – the pocketable yet feature-filled camera you always keep with you, the apps that make it fun and addicting to creatively freeze life’s moments, the amazing accessories that help us turn imagination and artistic vision into visual stories, even more beautiful in stills or moving clips, the technology trends and composition rules we all love to follow and eventually break, and the huge snap-shooting community – so snap, filter, and share!

Email us at click@phoneographyph.com.

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