Unlimited snapshooting with Shutter

If what’s stopping you from snapping more photos or videos is your mobile device’s limited storage capacity, there’s an app that should encourage you to keep on snapshooting like there’s no tomorrow. StreamNation, provider of unified and simple cloud storage solutions for preserving digital media, previously released Shutter, currently iOS-only and already available as a free […]

Golden hour notif? There’s an app for that

It’s the perfect time of the day to go out and snap photos–when the sun is low and the light of day is orangey gold, warm and soft–a short period of time after sunrise and before sunset, when the surrounding subjects outdoors look faded yet suitably toned, that’s why it’s called the golden or magic hour by photographers, […]

The iPhone and iPhoneography

The original iPhone, now referred to as the iPhone 2G, was introduced as a 3-in-1 product – a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet communications device – and the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was right in proclaiming it to reinvent the smartphone experience as we know it – dumping the […]

The Phoneography Workflow

Phoneography, short for “phone” and “photography” and recently “videography” as well, redefined the way we record life’s moments. With a smartphone and a variety of powerful apps, it is now easy to capture photos and videos and transform them into beautiful imagery and moving stories, that can be shared to family and friends, or through […]

Why phoneography?

In 2007, when Steve Jobs proclaimed that Apple is reinventing the phone with the introduction of the original iPhone 2G, little did he know that as the iPhone evolved with better camera sensor in every iteration and a slew of powerful photo editing applications, it has also created a new form of photography – changing […]


Welcome to Phoneography PH! This is your go-to site for anything and everything about mobile photography and videography – from phones and accessories, to photo and video apps for editing, filters and effects, including tutorials and trends on styles and techniques. iPhoneography popularized a new form of photography, it’s easy and instant but strictly iPhone-only, […]