Golden hour notif? There's an app for that

Golden hour notif? There’s an app for that

It’s the perfect time of the day to go out and snap photos–when the sun is low and the light of day is orangey gold, warm and soft–a short period of time after sunrise and before sunset, when the surrounding subjects outdoors look faded yet suitably toned, that’s why it’s called the golden or magic hour by photographers, which happens to be the preferred hour for photowalks and instameets by Instagram’ers and Phoneographers.

But if you’re too busy to monitor and notice or you get frustrated every time you go out that you’re almost always met with dark skies instead when the sun is already out, worry no more as there’s an app that does the simple task of letting you know when the next golden hour will arrive.


Golden Hour by Exposure notifies you of the time when sunrise and sunset starts based on your location, so you can prepare your phoneography device/s, before heading out to your next snapshooting adventure.


Aside from tracking sunrise and sunset times, the app also allows you to set helpful reminders, such as setting to be reminded only on weekdays or weekends or both. This simple but useful app is from the same developer behind the photo narrative website Exposure, an online subscription service dedicated to photographers and visual storytellers.


So on your next photowalk, you can now leave the guesswork to this app, have fun snap-shooting outdoors during the magic hour!

Featured image of Potipot Island golden-hour-snapped (unedited) with an iPhone 5s.